The Compliance Guides for Service Providers are now available on the PIP Portal and the Hive. They have been separated into two different guides as follows:

These two documents describe the standard compliance on-site visit process in relation to the CCSP/CCSU/CCSR and TEC Saver and ECCE programmes. Compliance checks are currently being conducted remotely, but as this is a temporary measure only, the guides reflect the on-site process. They will still however be useful for the current process as similar checks are being conducted. The guides also highlight key areas and programme rules that Service Providers should be aware of.

These Compliance Guides for Service Providers all include as Appendix 1 – the Compliance Checklist for Service Providers for the 2020/2021 cycle, to assist services in collating the relevant information to meet compliance requirements.  In addition, Appendix 2 – Compliance Categorisations, includes the compliance categories assigned for each programme reviewed at a visit i.e. Compliant, Minor non-compliant, Moderate non-compliant and Major non-compliant.  Further detail of the possible issues identified under each of the non-compliant categorisations per programme is also included in this Appendix.

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The Compliance Team

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