Dear Provider,
As you will be aware, following the reopening of services on 29th of June, we have asked all providers to assist us with the ongoing monitoring of summer reopening by filling in a Summer Reopening Capacity Survey.
We would ask again that you take a few minutes at the end of each week to complete and return it.
We are very aware of the pressures you are under and would not be asking for this if this was not essential. The Survey we have developed is very short and is seeking only key information.
 We are asking that you complete the survey as you reopen, weekly on Fridays for the duration of this summer period. 
The Department need this to help us understand how your sector is being impacted by Covid. We need to know if you are open, how many children are in your service and how many places are vacant.
This will help us make decisions on how best to address the needs of early learning and childcare services and/or school aged childcare services.
It will also assist County Childcare Committees in supporting parents to access childcare. 
You can find the survey here    
This survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.
We fully understand that this is an additional task for you during what is a very busy and difficult period.  We are asking you for your cooperation in filling in the survey to provide us with the information we view as essential to enable us to support you and the parents you serve.
We look forward to building on the very constructive engagement we have had with the sector during this challenging time for our country and we would like take this opportunity to thank you again for the effort you have put in to get the sector reopened. 
Early Years Division,
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