Dear Service Provider,

Please see important information regarding the TWSCS application form below.

Employee ID number

An important change has been made to the TWSCS application form. Services completing the form are now asked to provide a unique 3 digit number only for the employee ID number for each of their staff and are no longer required to include the DCYA reference.

Multi-service organisations

We would like to advise when calculating the gross weekly payroll costs, multi-service organisations can either:

  1. Select a single service and enter the total payroll costs for the organisation, or
  2. Input the payroll costs for each service individually.

Guidance documents have also been updated to reflect this change.


Payments will be made to all services who have correctly submitted the application form by 1pm on Tuesday, 19th May.

Those who have not submitted the application form will not receive payment.

Application guidance

We urge services yet to submit the application form to do so as soon as possible. Please read the updated TWSCS Phase 2 Application Form – Application Guidance Document for direction on what is required before doing so.

For further assistance, please contact the Early Years Provider Centre at

Early Years Team

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