Dear Service Provider,
Please be aware that this week’s payments have been made to all services who submitted the TWSCS funding agreement and an application form by Tuesday, 2nd June.
Applications ‘In Review’
·        If your application is ‘In Review’, it will be marked that way on the Early Years Hive.  You have received a further preliminary payment for one more week only.  These include applications where the information provided is in question, for example if it is not in line with information provided to DCYA & Pobal from Revenue.
Applications ‘Calculated’
If your application has been fully processed you have received a ‘Calculated’ payment, based on the information you provided on the application form. This payment is for the two weeks to week ending 19th June.
·        Some providers have received preliminary payments to date which have been higher or lower than the calculated payment.  Where over or underpayments have been made, these are now being reconciled against the actual payment due to providers.
·        Where a significant overpayment is identified in this reconciliation, it is possible that some providers will not receive a payment this week to offset the overpayment. Likewise, if the reconciliation process identified that the preliminary payments resulted in an underfunding, the payment will have been topped up to account for this.
Please Note:
Changes cannot currently be made to applications with status of ‘Calculated’ on the Early Years Hive.  We are working on a process to allow changes to ‘Calculated’ applications and will be in touch with information on this next week.
A payment breakdown view will be available for service providers on the Early Years Hive at the end of June.
If your service has not submitted the application form as yet, please do so as soon as possible. This is a requirement of the TWSCS funding agreement and will enable the allocation of calculated payments.
If you have any queries, please email or raise a service request on the Hive.
Early Years Team
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