Preliminary Payments
Payments under the Department of Children and Youth Affairs Temporary Wage Subsidy Childcare Scheme (DCYA TWSC) will be issued this week on 24th April 2020 to any service provider who has accepted the terms of the funding agreement and submitted the form by today 5pm Tuesday 21st April.
Important: To sign up for and benefit from this scheme, participating ELC and SAC providers with employees must register for the Revenue Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme (Revenue TWSS) and operate the Revenue TWSS in accordance with the Revenue TWSS guidance.
Preliminary payments will be made based on a model that estimates amounts due under the DCYA TWSC scheme for both wages and overheads. When the DCYA TWSC value has been calculated, any preliminary payments under this agreement will be reconciled with the actual DCYA TWSC Scheme payments due to services following submission to Pobal of an application form and proof of the Revenue calculation. Further information on this process will be provided in the coming weeks.
As Childcare Services with no employees are not identifiable from PIP/EYP, the preliminary payments do not account for providers with no employees. Any excess in the preliminary payment will be reconciled when the DCYA TWSC Scheme payment value is calculated.
A reconciliation of payments made for the week 4th – 10th April under previous schemes ECCE (including AIM), CCSP, TEC and NCS will also be done when processing the second payment due 1st May for any providers signing on up to the DCYA TWSC Scheme.
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