Tax Clearance is confirmation from the Revenue Commissioners that an organisation’s tax and customs affairs are in order at a particular date. From 1st January 2016, Revenue will be changing their tax clearance application and verification systems.  Revenue will move to providing for real-time ongoing tax clearance (to be known as eTax Clearance). This will involve processing tax clearance applications, the certificates issued by the Collector-General and the verification by third parties in an electronic format. From 2016, where a taxpayer is found to be non-compliant with their obligations, their tax clearance certificate can be withdrawn and the taxpayer will have to reapply online for tax clearance.

With electronic Tax Clearance, real-time ongoing review means that an organisation’s tax clearance status will be re-assessed at different stages throughout the year and an organisation’s clearance certificate can be withdrawn if their tax affairs are not kept in order. Paper Tax Clearance Certificates will no longer be issued for a 12 month period.

Applications for eTax Clearance will be processed in real time by Revenue. Customers who are tax compliant will receive a Tax Clearance Access Number, along with their Tax Reference number from Revenue. Both these numbers must be provided to Pobal in order for Pobal to verify tax clearance and process payments to you. Tax Clearance will no longer be provided by way of a paper Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC).

From 1st January 2016, it is your organisation’s responsibility to become familiar with this new real-time ongoing tax clearance process, to ensure there are no delays for Pobal making payments to your organisation.

The new eTax Clearance system is live from Monday 7th December 2015 and applicants can apply for electronic tax clearance from Revenue from that date – please click here.

You are now asked to please complete the Organisational Details Early Years template. Providing the information below and submit the completed template to as soon as you are in receipt of your TCAN and before your current paper Tax Clearance Certificate expires:

  1. Name of your Organisation/Company (as registered with Revenue Commissioners)
  2. DCYA Reference Number/s
  3. Your Tax Reference Number (TRN)
  4. Your Tax Clearance Access Number (TCAN)

Please note that Revenue will continue to accept applications for paper Tax Clearance Certificates for tax clearance expiring up to 31st December 2015. New paper Tax Clearance Certificate received should to be submitted to Pobal in the usual manner. From 31st December 2015, you may no longer apply for paper Tax Clearance Certificates and you must apply electronically for tax clearance.

Please note that there is no change to the current process for customers/applicants that are not registered for Irish tax, i.e. non-residents.


Further information on the eTax Clearance system can be found on the Revenue website :


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