In certain exceptional circumstances, a service may apply to retain a child’s funding under NCS/ECCE/the CCSP Saver Programme beyond the standard 4 weeks non-attendance allowed under the scheme/programme rules.
Service Providers wishing to apply for Special Circumstances to retain a registration beyond 4 weeks of continuous absence up until 6 weeks, are required to complete an Exemption Request for Continuous Absence due to Special Circumstances declaration form, downloadable from the Programme Documents section of the Early Years Hive (for ECCE and NCS) and PIP Resources (for CCSP Saver). Please also find  the form  attached  here.
One form will be applicable to NCS, ECCE and CCSP for applying for a continuous absence exemption. The form is to be signed by both the service provider and the
Please ensure to  include the applicable reasons for the child’s absence and clearly specify absence dates. Once complete, please attach the declaration form to the child’s registration on Hive/PIP for Pobal to process.
Please note absences extending beyond 6 weeks to a maximum of 12 weeks, will require Pobal to seek acceptable proof of special circumstances. Acceptable proofs may include a letter or medical certificate which can be uploaded onto the system by the provider.
Declaration form Checklist:
 Signed by parent/guardian
 Signed by service provider
 Special Circumstances reason indicated (tick box)
 Absence period/dates specified
 Attach to child’s registration on PIP/Hive
 Provide additional proof medical letter/certificate (If absence extends beyond 6 weeks).
The Early Years Team
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