Sligo Woodland School

Camp Address:

The camp will be running in Cleveragh Forest, the drop off and collection point is beside the woods at the Sligo Lets Organic Farm & Garden on Cleveragh Drive (up across from the sports complex). Parking spaces are available in the organic grounds or if full up at the regional sports centre *absolutely no parking, even for just a drop off, is allowed on main road beside OR on the small road leading into organic gardens as this is a private lane*

Please bring a big packed lunch or big packed mid afternoon snack with hot drinks depending on sessions. Bring your own water proofs (water proof trousers are available if required for ages 3-8) and do come geared up for all weathers as we will be there no matter come rain or shine! Kit List Included in Application Form.

Sligo Woodland Easter Camp will nurture children’s connection with the natural world and offer unique opportunities for children to be creative, explore, experiment, run wild and get mucky in the woodland.

They will investigate the wonders of nature in the forest, potting and planting in our poly tunnel, and develop a range of new skills while making new friends… On the last day we will have an Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Camp Details:


AGE RANGES: Under 6                    
DATES: 3 Day Camp  Wed 12th,Thurs 13th and Fri 14th
April TIME: 10am -1pm

AGE RANGES: 6-8 years                  
DATES: 3 Day Camp Wed 12th, Thurs 13th and Fri 14th
April TIME: 2pm-5pm

AGE RANGES: Under 12 years
DATES: 3 Day Camp Wed 19th, Thurs 20th and Fri 21st
April TIME: 10am -2pm

Contact: Trisha MacLaughlin –  0877474189

We will have lots of outdoor fun and adventures such as:

  • Creative bushcraft skills
  • Hand tools work and knot work
  • Nature Embodiment games and songs
  • Life Cycle Learning
  • Den Building and Construction / Fire-making
  • Foraging and fun!!

Kit List

  • A small day pack, backpack.
    • Wet gear; waterproof jacket and trousers – essential!
    • Wellington boots or waterproof hiking boots
    • A hat and gloves, prefably fleece as it’s waterproof
    • Spare gloves and 2 x socks in a plastic bag to keep them dry
    • Avoid cotton as it gets cold when wet. Use thermals and ski gear if you have it.
    • Bring a change of clothes for the car afterwards (they may well be mucky/wet)
    • Lunch and several snacks, avoid too many treats please as we need sustained energy for a busy day outdoors.
    • A drink of water and a hot drink in a flask is really nice.
    • Any medication your child needs, please inform us in advance.
    • Children under 3 must have parent or guardian supervision at all times.

Polices for your consideration before booking: Our policy for camps with children under 6 is that every parent has the option to stay if they think their child would prefer it. 5/6 year old’s that are in primary school and are used to being left can be dropped off and collected, younger ones aged 3 and under must be accompanied by a parent.Preference is given to those who want to book for the 3 day full camp, if you want to book 1 or 2 days I will have to check numbers the week before and get back to you.As the Forest School is an outdoor ‘classroom’ wind can be a dangerous element due to potential falling branches. Our Weather Policy states: ‘if strong winds (measuring over 5 on the Beaufort scale or above 30-38 kph) or thunder and lightening, the session will not take place in the woodland other options will be considered’. During high winds at the Easter children will be taken to the poly tunnel area’s.Below are the Application Form, Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy. Prepayment is preferred; I will forward my online booking details shortly.

Please complete this attached Document and return to the above email address:


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