Below is the key information you will need in relation to deadline dates for registrations and payments for the coming weeks.

For detailed programme information please click on relevant programme links below

Programme (and links) Programme Call Start Date Final contracting date Date programme opens for registrations
ECCE 27th August 22nd August 20th August
CCSP 20th August 20th August 20th August
CCS 20th August 20th August 17th September – 12th October (snapshot window)
TEC 27th August 24th August 27th August


Before registrations can commence:

  • Services must be in contract;
  • Service calendars and fees lists should be submitted.

In addition, in order for Pobal to process payments, services need to have a valid TCAN.

Payments will be made to the existing bank account associated with the service on PIP – for any changes please notify the Early Years & Young Peoples Directorate via

However, if services wish to be included in the first preliminary payments, contracting must be completed earlier, as per the table below.    Further preliminary payments will follow in the coming weeks.


Programme 1st Preliminary Payment date Earlier contract date (in order to be included in 1st Preliminary payment) Subsequent Preliminary payment date:
ECCE 24th August 17th August 31st Aug
CCSP 17th August 14th August None
CCS 17th August 14th August 12th Oct
TEC 24th August 21st August None


If you have any queries please contact Pobal Online Support on 01-5117222, or contact your local City/County Childcare Committee.

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