Further to the commencement of onsite NCS Compliance Inspections which began in November 2021, the purpose of this notification is to inform you that onsite compliance inspections for the ECCE & CCSP Saver programmes will also resume shortly. Inspections will start from the week beginning 10th January 2022.

Due to the current COVID -19 environment, as an interim measure, onsite visits will be announced visits. The Primary Authorised User as per the Hive for selected services, will receive an email at least 2 days in advance of a scheduled onsite inspection.

We will provide advance notice of the resumption of unannounced visits, which were the norm for Inspections prior to COVID-19.
The following compliance guidance documents will be revised for the 2021/2022 programme call and made available on the Hive under the Resources section:

• ECCE Compliance Checklist 2021-2022
• ECCE Service Provider Guide 2021-2022
• CCSP Savers Compliance Checklist 2021-2022
• CCSP Savers Service Provider Guide 2021-2022

The Authorised / Visit Officers will adhere to public health guidance while onsite at Early Years and School Age Childcare facilities.

DCEDIY and Pobal continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and any changes that might be required regarding onsite inspections will be communicated via the Hive.

We want to take this opportunity to thank services in advance for their continued co-operation with compliance checks.

DCEDIY & Pobal Compliance Team

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