A Childcare business is a business just like any other, and, as an owner/manager, you should be able to use the principles of good business management

when running & managing your service.


This practical training programme will equip you with the skills to use good business sense & adopt simple, but highly effective business principles.


Programme Content includes:


  • How do I know how I am doing in my childcare business?
  • How to manage my service as a business – review of numbers, budgeting ahead
  • Identifying sources of income
  • How to carry out a simple Profit & Loss for each part of my Service
  • Carrying out a breakeven point for each room or session in my Service
  • What price do I need to charge to improve profitability
  • Sample business models for childminding
  • Rights & Responsibilities of being an Employer


The programme is being delivered over 3 evening sessions, and the trainer is Mark Tully, of Meehan Tully & Associates – a specialist in the field of Childcare and Business and will be delivered through the Local Enterprise Office.


It’s due to start on March 5th at 6.00pm and will run from 6.00-9.00 on March 12th and 19th also.


Booking is necessary  and should be done through the following link which contains all relevant details.





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