To all PIP Users

Please note from Tuesday 1st August 2017 all persons contacting the Pobal Online Support Team by phone or email will need to confirm their DCYA Reference number and PIP details as part of a new security authentication process.
As part of the new security authentication process it will only be possible to discuss and provide information to a service PAU and authorised PIP users.
When you call Pobal Online Support by phone you will be asked for the following information;
1.       DCYA Reference No
2.       PIP User Name
3.       PIP User Email Address
The information you provide will be checked by our support staff and if matched we will be able to assist you with your query. If the information you provide is not in line with the details we have on file, we will not be in a position to progress with the call and will inform you of the information you need to ring back with.
Similarly, any emails sent to must be sent from an authorised PIP user or PAU email address. The Pobal team will confirm that the sender email address matches the details we have on file and if they are correct we will deal with the email query. If they do not match we will advise the sender that we cannot deal with the query as they are not an authorised PIP User.
In advance of Tuesday 1st August, please ensure that you advise all members of your team of the new security authentication procedures that they must follow when contacting Pobal Online Support by phone or email.
If you wish to update/add/delete PIP users please complete a new PIP User Mandate and submit it to as soon as possible.
If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact our Online Support Team.
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