Dear Service Provider,

We would like to highlight new Core Funding how-to videos recently added to the Early Years Hive, which were created based on feedback from service providers.These videos answer the below frequently asked allocations and payments questions for Core Funding:

  • What am I going to get paid for Core Funding?
  • How much Core Funding have I been awarded?
  • How to find a breakdown of your Core Funding Payment? 

The videos are available in the 

‘Core Funding how-to training videos’ dropdown on the Training Videos page. Click 

HERE to access the Training Videos page.If you would like further support or clarification on the terminology used on the Funding tab on the Hive, ClickHERE for a “Funding Tab Definitions” document.Help & Support

Should you have any queries in relation to Core Funding – Funding , please contact the Early Years Provider Centre (EYPC) by raising a Request on Hive using the following categories:

  • Programme: Core Funding
  • Request type: Funding
  • Request type detail: (select relevant request type)

Regards,The Early Years Team

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