PIP Announcement:

As the majority of schools are closed this week due to the midterm, it may be necessary to make the following changes on the Early Years Hive:

NCS calendar: edit your service’s opening times if they differ from your default opening times during the midterm. If your service is closed for part or all of the week, mark the closures on your calendar accordingly as well as noting whether it is a subsidised (paid) closure or not.

Please see the service calendar quick guide on the Early Years Hive for more information on your NCS service calendar.

NCS claims: submit Non-Term hours for any eligible children attending your service who require additional hours to their regular registered hours during the midterm.
Important: Changes cannot be made to service calendar opening hours or claim hours once a return for that week has been submitted on the Early Years Hive.

We advise making any necessary changes this week to ensure there are no issues when returns are submitted and payments processed.

Early Years Team

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