Please note if you have incomplete registrations on NCS they will not be included in your weekly attendance returns.
There are a number of  registration steps that you must complete for the registration to be submitted so that the parent will receive a notification to confirm the claim.
Registration Steps
–        Retrieve the CHICK
–        Enter the start and end dates of the registration
–        Enter the claimed hours
–        Submit and confirm the registration
Only when all of the above steps are completed will the parent will receive a notification to confirm the claim on the applicant portal.
Once the parent confirms the claim then it is deemed valid and will be included in the weekly attendance return for payment.
In order to complete any outstanding registrations for your service please take the following steps:
–        Select Registrations from the top menu on the HIVE
–        Click Child Register
–        On the left hand side select the dropdown arrow entitled ‘current’
–        Select ‘pending parent confirmation’ and any incomplete registrations will be displayed here
–        Click on the orange triangle on the right of the child’s name
–        Select view
–        On the right of the CHICK select the orange triangle again
–        View/Edit weeks
A video outling the steps involved in registering a child with your service is available on the NCS YouTube Channel. Click HERE to view the registrations video.
If you have any queries please contact EYPC at 01 5117222
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