As schools are closed for the mid-term on 31st of October with the option to extend to a five-day break, it may be necessary to make the following changes on your Early Years Hive.

We advise making any necessary changes as soon as possible to ensure there are no issues when returns are submitted, and payments processed.

If you require further assistance, please raise a Service Request on your Hive portal under the following criteria

  • Programme: NCS
  • Request Type: NCS Calendar
  • Request Type Details: General.

NCS Service Calendar

If your service is closed for part or all of the week, you must mark the closures on your NCS service calendar on the Hive accordingly. You must also note whether it is a subsidised (paid) closure or not.

To add a closure to your NCS service calendar, log into the Hive and follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the My Account menu and select Service Calendar
  2. In the list of service calendars, expand the yellow triangle on NCS 2022 and select Edit Closures 
  3. Click Add Closure
  4. Individually select the days your service is closed
  5. Select whether the closure is subsidised (paid) or not
  6. Enter the reason for the closure and click Submit

For more information, please see ‘How to add a closure’ on the NCS Service Calendar page of Help & Support  on the Hive. If you are new to NCS or to the Hive, you may also find the recent ‘NCS Beginner Introduction Training’ beneficial, a recording of this webinar is available on the Training Videos page of Help & Support.

If your service creates Request on HIVE regarding registration or claim, please make sure that you include CHICK number in the case body.

Service Provider should not submit Returns when there is a message that claim is on Draft stage. Service should abandon returns, go back, fix claim and then submit Returns.

Important: Changes cannot be made to service calendar opening hours or claim hours once a return for that week has been submitted on the Early Years Hive.

CCSP: Amending Sessions (e.g. a child is moving from part-time to full-time)

If the registration is changing and needs to be updated from part-time to full-time, please input a CCSP Leaver with the date the child is changing service level. A new registration should then be created with the updated level of service for the appropriate period.

Please see ‘How to end/add a CCSP Saver Programme child registration’ on the CCSP child registration section of Help & Support on the Hive.

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