Learner Fund 3 (May 2016) is open for applications from Learner Applicants with a DCYA Qualification Recognition Letter

A Learner who has applied to the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) for qualification status recognition, and who has received a letter from DCYA verifying that their current qualification is not a Major Award at Level 5, is eligible to apply for Learner Fund 3 (May 2016) in order to undertake a Major Award at Level 5 to meet future minimum regulatory qualification requirements.

Learner Fund 3 (May 2016) is open to applications on May 27th (@ 14:00 hrs) 2016

and will close on July 29th 2016 (@ 18:00 hrs) 2016

Applications should be submitted by service providers on behalf of a staff member, and with that staff member’s authorization. A relevant DCYA Qualification Recognition Letter must be uploaded with the Learner Fund 3 (May 2016) application. Courses must be completed by December 31st2016.

Learner Fund offers a subsidy towards the cost of  training  to support existing Early Years practitioners  (working directly with children) to attain the  appropriate qualification required under the revised Pre-School Regulations and in accordance with the ECCE Programme requirements. See DCYA Early Years Recognised Qualifications information document and list atwww.dcya.gov.ie for more details.

Learner Fund 3 (May 2016) guidance documents and further information about how to apply is available here .

Please read guidelines carefully.

Learner Fund 3 (May 2016) Information and FAQ

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