We know that this is a very busy time with start of the programme year and lots of new children starting in services all across the country. 

Many thanks to the huge number of you who have already completed the application process and contracting for Core Funding and Interim Funding.  The second week of payments will issue this week. 

We know that some providers have encountered some technical issues with the application process and there have been some system glitches, most of which have now been resolved.  Both CCCs and the Pobal Early Years Provider Centre (EYPC) have been providing a huge level of support to services to navigate these issues.  We have also engaged with provider representatives to identify other supports needed at this time.

Extension to date for accepting funding agreements

In the context of other pressures at this time of the year, given that there are a small number of providers who have still not managed to have their issue dealt with and having regard to the views of provider representatives, the deadline for providers to accept the Core Funding and Interim Funding agreements, and receive payment for the full duration, has been extended. 

Providers are now advised that they can accept the funding agreements any time up to close of business on Friday 9th September and still receive backdated funding in respect of the 1st September onwards. 

For the minority of providers who have not yet completed the application process and/or accepted the funding agreements, please ensure that you do so well in advance of 9th September in order to ensure funding for the full period can be paid promptly and that any support can be accessed in time to meet the deadline.  

We note that a number of providers have an application with a ‘Submitted’ status.  These providers will need to accept the Core Funding and Interim Funding Partner Service funding agreements in order to begin to receive funding.  Accepting the funding agreements will change your application status to ‘Contracted’.  

Providers can of course accept the funding agreements after 9th of September and receive payment from that point onwards but please note that payments for funding agreements accepted after 9th September will not be backdated.

Supports available to providers

CCCs and the EYPC remain available to assist with the process. 

Providers may also be interested to know that a number of Core Funding training videos are now available on the Early Years Hive:

  • Core Funding Service Profile and Application Module – ECCE-Only Service
  • 3 Minute Troubleshooting Video – One Room and Session Type with two staff assigned at different times
  • 3 Minute Troubleshooting Video – One Room with four Session Types
  • 5 Minute Troubleshooting Video – Stacking Session Types based on Staffed Capacity
  • 10 Minute Troubleshooting Video – Overlapping Session Types
  • Comparison between the Ready Reckoner versus the Core Funding Application Module 

You can find these videos under the ‘Core Funding Training Videos’ heading on the Core Funding Documents page. Further Core Funding training videos will be added soon.

Providers are also encouraged to check the announcement page of the Early Years Hive on a regular basis. You can find guidance on how to use the Hive announcement page here. All important dates are also added to the Hive’s announcement calendar page for your benefit. The number beside the Announcement menu item will increase by one each time a new announcement is posted on the Early Years Hive, in a similar way to when you receive a new portal notification. Please monitor this menu item when you are logged into your portal to ensure you are not missing any key information.

Clarification in respect of applications requiring appraisals

For Core Funding applications which require manual appraisal, either in respect of qualifications or in respect of Tusla information, appraisals will take place over the coming months.  When Core Funding initially comes into effect it will be paid on the basis of un-appraised applications – that is the information provided will be accepted to be accurate.  If, on appraisal, the information provided is deemed to be inaccurate or insufficient, this may result in a recoupment of previous funding. However providers will not have to wait for the appraisal process to be complete in order to receive funding in respect of the appraised aspects of their application.  We hope this is helpful to providers.  

With every good wish for the year ahead, 

Early Learning and Care and School Age Childcare division

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