Please be aware that this week’s payment under TWSCS is another preliminary payment. This will be made to all services who accepted the funding agreement and submitted an application form by Tuesday, 19th May.
The reason for having another preliminary payment this week is due to a significant number of applications being made with potentially inaccurate information.
Pobal will be in contact with the providers whose applications appear to be inaccurate from our checks. However, we ask that services please review their submissions to ensure they are correct and entered in line with the Application Guidance Document provided. Refer to Step 6 – Reviewing a submitted Application Form on how to edit and resubmit the form.
Providers who have failed to give accurate information may risk delays in their payments. Three main areas to consider are:
Gross pay figure not in line with ARNWP
The figure provided as the average gross weekly payroll costs for January and February for all employees who were employed for the purposes of childcare provision on the application form should be in line with the net weekly pay information provided for employees. See Step 4 of the Guide Document for more information.
Organisations with multiple services
Services were directed to ‘complete an application form for each service’. Please ensure that all application forms for each service in your organisation have a status of submitted when all updates are complete. See Step 3 of the Guidance Document for more information.
Services marked as having employees but no employee data submitted
Services were asked whether they had employees on the payroll in the period since 6 April, who are employed by you for the purpose of childcare provision. If the answer is yes, you must enter payroll information on each individual employee before submitting the final application form. The opposite of this scenario is also true, if a service selects no for this questions, then they should not include any employee information on the application form. See Step 2 of the Guidance Document for more information.
Final payments will now be made to all services who have correctly submitted the application form by 1pm on Tuesday, 26th May. Incorrectly submitted applications will be issued a further preliminary payment.
Early Years Team
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