Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Session 1

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Charter and Guidelines for Early Childhood Care and Education.

Sligo County Childcare Committee will rollout a 15 hour training programme on Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion as part of the Access
and Inclusion Model (AIM). This training programme is therefore free of charge to all staff working in Early Learning and Care services.
The goal of AIM is to empower Early Years’ service providers to deliver an inclusive pre-school experience, ensuring that every child can
fully participate in the quality inclusive practices and reap the benefits of quality early years care and education.
In order to incorporate a deeper level of understanding around the subject of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion for all staff and to assist
in meeting some of the challenges which it will pose, Sligo County Childcare Committee will support services through the proposed
training programme which is now being delivered nationally.


Mar 04 2023


To introduce the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion guidelines and to explore key terminology and concepts relating to equality, diversity and inclusion
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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