The Department has carried out a review of the ECCE funding agreement for the 2021/2022 programme year. The Department has decided to revert to last year’s rules on the matter of ECCE optional extras so that providers can charge for optional activities, including:
• ‘Gymboree’ type events where outside providers deliver an educational or entertainment based activity;
• and for baking where this is a regular part of the programme.
The amended ECCE rules for the 2021/2022 programme year will be available on the Department’s website later this week. 
It should be noted that the following conditions continue to apply in relation to optional extras
• Refusal of a Service Provider to follow the direction of the local County Childcare Committee (CCC) in relation to fees lists may result in sanctions being applied
• It is imperative that no child should feel excluded if they are not participating in the optional extra. Service Providers must take this into account and should consult Appendix 1 for further information.
If the fees list for your service has already been approved by your CCC and you now wish to include optional extras, a new amended version of your fees list should be submitted to the CCC for approval.
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