CCSP will permanently close for new registrations at midnight Friday 25th October, 2019 in advance of the commencement of the National Childcare Scheme.  After this date only CCSP registrations with a status of ‘Submitted’ , ‘Provisional’ and ‘Approved’ will be eligible to remain on the programme and will be referred to as ‘Savers’.
To support prompt processing all providers are requested to have all CCSP registrations submitted by COB 11th October, 2019.

After October 25th, no new entrants will be permitted to the scheme, although providers will be required to adjust their days and/or session types for existing registrations to ensure compliance with scheme rules.  These changes can only be made during ‘Saver Management Windows’.   Please refer to Transitional Rules for the DCYA Targeted Childcare Funding Programmes for more information.

In order to amend registrations during the Saver Management Window, registrations must have a status of ‘Approved’. To guarantee CCSP registrations can be approved in time to avail of the first Saver Management Window, Pobal advise service providers to have all CCSP registrations submitted by COB 11th October, 2019.  If not, it may therefore be necessary, for providers who have submitted registrations after this date to wait for the next available savers window to amend existing registrations.

TEC programmes will remain open for new registrations until February 2020.

The proposed dates for the CCSP Saver Management Windows are as follows, and are subject to change:

 October – 29th October, 2019 – 11th November, 2019

December –  20th December, 2019 – 13th  January, 2020

February – 14th February, 2020 – 2nd March, 2020

 April – 3rd April, 2020 – 20th April, 2020

 June – 26th June, 2020 –  20th July, 2020

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