The CCS bands have now been awarded to CCS 2018 registrations and the registrations have been approved.

Please review the bands awarded. Your CCS 2018 contract value will now match the total of your approved registrations and your payment schedule will adjust accordingly.

The band appeals window is now open until 31/12/2018
Where the parent and child eligibility is based on medical card, GP visit card or DEASP allowance, the band currently awarded is based on our checks on the HSE & DEASP databases.
Where eligibility is based on PHN referral, Tusla referral, employment programme or CCS verification form, the band currently awarded is based on the eligibility documents submitted with the registration.

What happens where the approved band is lower than the requested band?
Pobal will now review the registrations where the band awarded is lower than the band requested by you. If any documents are attached to such registrations, we will review these documents to determine if they provide further evidence of eligibility during the eligibility window (10/09/2018 – 12/10/2018). Where a document provides this evidence, we will amend the band.

Where a document does not provide this evidence or where no document is attached, we will provide information to you in the registration’s status comment. In the status comment we will inform you of what the band approved is based on and what document should be submitted to be awarded the higher band requested. Before submitting any documents, please ensure they meet the criteria outlined in the CCS Supporting Documentation Guidelines 2018-2019 on the PIP Portal. The appeal documents can be attached as an “Appeal” registration request.
Please be aware, that it will take us several days to review all of these registrations.

Please note that band A was requested on many registrations, but band AJ was awarded. A medical card combined with either Jobseekers Allowance/Benefit or Supplementary Welfare Allowance will give band AJ and not band A. Before appealing please confirm with the parent, the allowance they are in receipt of.

 Why is a registration still provisional?
If a CCS 2018 registration still has a provisional status, then one of the following is likely:
·         The child or parent PPSN has not been validated. You should attach documents to allow the PPSN to be validated i.e. evidence of the name, PPSN and date of birth.
·         The registration has overlapping dates with another registration. This “already registered” issue must be resolved before the registration can be approved.
·         Our eligibility checks cannot confirm CCS eligibility and we are unable to award a band. We will now review any documents that are attached to these registrations and provide a response in the status comment or in the registration request. If you have not attached any documents, please do so now.
Again, Pobal will enter information into the registration’s status comment, to explain why the registration is provisional.
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