Additional CCS 2017 Preliminary Payment

Pobal are currently working towards calculating the CCS bands and approving the CCS registrations. Until this is confirmed an additional preliminary payment will be made in the week ending 08/12/2017.
To date, preliminary payments have been based on approved CCS 2016 registrations. The preliminary payment being made this week, is calculated based on the CCS 2017 rates being applied to approved CCS 2016 registrations. This means that some of the benefit of the increased rates for CCS 2017 is now being paid to you. We are aiming to approve all registrations in the week ending 15/12/2017 and hope that payments made from 15/12/2017 onwards will be based on approved registrations.
CCS 2017 Programme Support Payment (PSP)
When the CCS 2017 registrations are approved, Pobal will calculate and pay the related Programme Support Payment (PSP). A PSP amount equivalent to 7 days value of each of these approved registrations will be calculated.
After the band appeal window closes, Pobal will calculate if an adjustment is needed to the PSP calculation for any registration. Any additional PSP arising due to a successful band appeal will be dependent on the availability of funding in the 2018 budge
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