New Applications
Children eligible for the 2019/2020 ECCE programme
Where AIM Level 5 equipment and/or alterations are required, the preschool provider, in conjunction with the parent(s) can make an application for AIM Level 5 support via the AIM tab on the PIP Portal.
Once a child is eligible for ECCE an AIM Level 5 application can be made at any time throughout the pre-school year. However we encourage applications to be submitted early to ensure support is in place as soon as possible.
Existing Applications
If a child in receipt of AIM Level 5 equipment is moving to another pre-school in September 2019, a new AIM application must be submitted by the new pre-school provider in conjunction with the parent(s).  
If a child child in receipt of AIM Level 5 equipment is transitioning to school in September 2019, transfer of ownership documents will be issued in due course.
Please contact if you require any support in the submission of your application.
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