Dear Service Provider, Following the transition of AIM Level 5, the Transfer of Ownership process for AIM Level 5 equipment will open in early March 2023 on the Early Years Hive. The Transfer of Ownership of equipment from Pobal & DCEDIY to the relevant party occurs at the end of the child’s participation in the ECCE programme. The completion of this process will determine the destination and ownership of the Level 5 equipment item. As per the AIM rules, section 7.20 “Pre-school providers and parent(s)/guardian(s) must engage with Pobal in relation to the transfer of ownership of equipment (including returning signed transfer of ownership forms, as appropriate). Equipment provided under AIM Level 5 should not be removed from the pre-school until the transfer of ownership process is completed.” A ‘How-to Guide’ and Training Webinars will be available to service providers prior to the commencement of the Transfer of Ownership process. If you require any additional information or support, please submit a request through Hive using the following categories: 

  • Programme: AIM Level 5
  • Request Type: Equipment
  • Request Type Detail: Transfer of Ownership


The AIM Level 5 Team

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