AIM Level 1 – Inclusion Co-ordinator (LINC)
2019/2020 Increased ECCE Capitation
Application Process Open
The application process for the increased ECCE capitation, funded by DCYA, in recognition of the leadership and mentoring role that will be delivered by the Inclusion Co-ordinator, during the 2019/2020 pre-school year is now open.
To apply a service provider, must be or employ a graduate from the Leadership for Inclusion (LINC) in Early Years Programme who has agreed to take on therole and responsibilities of an Inclusion Co-ordinator in their pre-school setting.
Applications must be made electronically via the Programmes Implementation Platform (PIP).
Existing Graduates
An ECCE provider, who is or employs an existing graduate can apply immediately.
New Graduates
An ECCE provider, who is or employs a new graduate i.e. graduating in October 2019 can apply when final exam results have been notified by Mary Immaculate College (expected late Sept)
Please note as per the recently published AIM Rules document from the 2019/2020 ECCE programme year, it is no longer be possible for Inclusion Coordinator additional capitation payments to be backdated to be beginning of the programme year if the application is submitted late in the programme year.
To support services to adjust to this rule change, for the 2019/2020 programme year, the additional capitation can be backdated to the beginning of the programme year provided that the application form reaches Pobal by 31st October 2019. This will also accommodate new LINC graduates whose graduation verification will only reach Pobal by late September.
If an Inclusion Coordinator is on extended leave i.e. maternity, sick leave at the beginning of a pre-school year, an application should only be submitted once the Inclusion Co-ordinator returns to the pre-school setting.
If you require any additional information please
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