The Access and Inclusion Model (AIM) Programme will be accepting new* applications for children commencing/returning to the ECCE programme in 2017/2018 from Friday 12th May 2017.  We advise applicants to ensure that they submit their application as soon as possible.**
Childcare providers already in receipt of AIM L7 capitation for children returning in September will be eligible for support. Information on this process will be available in the forthcoming weeks.

If you require any additional support, please

For further information on the AIM programme, please visit

* (New applications refer to children who have not applied to the AIM programme before or children who are in receipt of AIM support but will be changing preschool in 2017/18.)
**(Please note, in relation to AIM Level 5 applications, it can take up to 8 weeks for equipment to be delivered.)
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