Below is the key information you will need in relation to registrations, deadline dates, how to guides and payment schedules for the coming weeks.   Further information will be available in the coming weeks.


If you have any queries please contact Pobal Online Support on 01-5117222, or contact your local City/County Childcare Committee.


All DCYA Funded Programmes



Key Information


Key Dates




Once the PAU has been validated you can complete the re-contracting steps on the PIP Portal.

How-To Guide


Deadline for re-contracting

11th August 2017 (to receive preliminary payment (if applicable)).



Service Calendars

& Fees Lists



The Service Calendar & Fees List should preferably be completed before registration submission.

How-To Guide



To be completed by

21st August 2017.



Please Note:


  • New services or those who have changed address, legal status or ownership are not guaranteed first payment unless the contracting process has been completed by 11th August 2017.


  • Please check with your local City or County Childcare Committee to determine the progress of your application.


Payment Notes:


Please be advised that, in order for Pobal to process payments, Early Years Services must have:


  • Completed the contracting process through the PIP Portal.
  • Submitted the Service Calendar & Fees List prior to 21st August 2017.
  • Supplied a valid TCAN to and be tax compliant.


Pobal will process payments to the existing bank account associated with the service on PIP – for any changes please notify the Early Years & Young Peoples Directorate via



For detailed information on 2017/18 Programmes please click the relevant link(s) below:


Universal Subsidy (CCSU)


CCSP (including Resettlement and Transition)


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