Dear Provider,
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY) has provided financial supports to the Early Learning and Care (ELC) and School Age Care (SAC) sector in recognition of the particular challenges and difficulties facing providers.
One such support was the Reopening Support Payment (RSP) grant, announced by the Minister on 10 June 2020. The purpose of the reopening grant was to provide a once-off payment to ELC and SAC services opening between 29 June and early September 2020 to support adherence to reopening guidelines, support children to remain in ‘play pods’ to reduce the potential of the virus spreading,  and to meet additional staffing needs during the reopening period. The payment covered eligible expenditure during the period 13 March to 31st December 2020 (as per the extension granted in late 2020). As with all funding, the Department is required to ensure that all funding claimed was spent for the purposes intended. As such the Department and Pobal will soon be undertaking verification checks against the Reopening Support Payment  requirements for a sample of services funded. These checks will verify participating services’ compliance with the RSP grant and will be carried out remotely in line with public health advice.  The verification checks are expected to commence shortly. You are requested to review all of the materials carefully to ensure that you have met requirements of the RSP grant.The Department and Pobal would like to thank you for your ongoing work and cooperation during this difficult time. Yours faithfully,The Pobal Compliance Team.

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