Further to last Monday’s announcement on the need to review NCS CHICKs/Awards on the Early Years Hive as they may be ending soon, we are happy to say that the NCS Registrations Quick Guide section of the Hive has been updated to assist you with this task.

On this page, you can now find more detailed guidance on how to do the following for NCS:

  • Register a child with a CHICK
  • View your registrations: check when a claim is ending
  • Amend a registration: edit a claim, add weeks to a claim, or end a claim

Please be aware that parents may have already received a notification on the applicant portal to let them know their award/CHICK has expired. You can check if the award/CHICK is soon to expire by looking at the subsidy end date on the Hive. Please see the new section ‘Viewing child registrations’ on NCS Registrations Quick Guide for guidance.

In some cases, there may be unclaimed weeks on the award/CHICK. You can add weeks to the claim by following the instructions found under ‘Amending registrations’ on NCS Registrations Quick Guide.

If you need further assistance on registrations, please raise a Service Request on the Hive.

Many thanks,
Early Years Team
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