Following on from the previous Programme Contracting and Programme Readiness announcements, we would like to bring your attention to the below points based on the clarification* to the 2019/20 Contract:
·       For services who re-contract to NCS 2020/21 on/before 31st August 2020, there will be no break to payments based on valid registrations/claims. These services will continue to be paid for the 2020/21 programme call until the 22nd August 2021.
·       For any services that do not renew their contract by 31st August, claims will continue to be paid on valid registrations up to week beginning 31st  August 2020 (based on the weekly returns, payments will continue to the 6th Sept 2020). All claims will be end-dated after 31st August 2020.
·       Where a Service renews their NCS contract after the 31st August deadline they will be required to create new claims for Children registered in their Service.
We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of the below points relating to NCS. It is important that providers are aware of these, as this will always be the case with NCS.
·       NCS service calendars for both 2020 and 2021 (current year and the next year) are required on the Early Years Hive in order to cover an award lasting up to 52 weeks. Please see the Service Calendar Quick Guide on the Hive for more information.
·       There is no backdating of claims for NCS. Providers will not be paid for weeks where attendance was not registered. CHICKs need to be fully registered on Hive on the week children start attending in order to receive payments.
Please note that Initial Term in clause 9.1 of the NCS Funding Agreement 2019/2020 will expire on 23rd August 2020 and not on 31st August 2020. This change was necessitated by technical administrative reasons and will not affect payments for those signing up to the NCS contract in 2020/21. For those who do not seek to renew the agreement for a further year on 23rd August 2020, payments will continue until 31st August.
Early Years Team
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