November marks one year since the launch of NCS. As such, some 52-week CHICKs/awards on NCS will be ending soon.

To check the end date of your NCS registrations’ CHICK/award, log into the Early Years Hive portal and follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Registrations menu and select NCS Registrations
  2. Check the ‘Claim Until’ date of your active registrations as an indication to when a CHICK may be ending (if you did not register all weeks on the CHICK/award, then there may be further weeks to claim)
  3. Expand the yellow arrow on the registration you want to review and click on View
  4. The ‘Subsidy End Date’ on this page tells you when a CHICK is ending (if there is more than one segment related to a CHICK, this will be the last date under subsidy end date)

To ensure that payment under NCS is not affected as a result of an expired CHICK, you are encouraged to contact the parents of any children with awards ending soon to discuss their continued childcare needs. Parents will have received a notification on their applicant portal, please remind them of this and see if they need to apply for a new CHICK. This should be done as soon as possible.

In the case of Sponsor CHICKs: the Sponsor will need to complete a new referral, having assessed the continuing need. When Pobal receives a new referral, a new Sponsor CHICK will issue. The parent of the Sponsored child cannot renew the CHICK.

For further advice and support, please see the Resources section of the Hive or raise a Request.

Parents can contact the Parent Support Centre at 01 906 8530.

Early Years Team

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