Community Childcare Subvention Programme

What is the CCS Programme?

The Community Childcare Subvention Programme (CCS) is a support programme for Community & Private based childcare services to provide quality childcare services at a reduced rate to parents. It is a programme which enables Childcare Services to give parents in receipt of certain social welfare payments (the majority of which are covered under the CCS Programme), Family Income Supplement, and holders of medical cards

Childcare Providers?

The amount of CCS funding that a service will qualify for will depend on the number of children attending the service whose parents/guardians qualify for one of the CCS subvention rates. The service will use the subvention funding to operate a tiered fees policy based on the cost of the service(s) less the various subvention rates.

Am I eligible for CCS?

The CCS programme allows eligible parents to access reduced childcare costs at participanting Community/Private childcare services. Below is a link to the DCYA CCS Bands and Rates for 2012, which outlines the weekly subvention rates for Band A and Band B. The list is not exhaustive: where clarification is required please contact your local CCC. A parent who’s child is eligible for both the ECCE and CCS programme must, at the beginning of the school year, choose which programme they wish to avail of. A parent cannot claim both.

For further information on the CCS band rates, Click on this link  ccs bands and rates

How do I get a place?

If you are a parent and would like to participate in the CCS programme, you must apply through a Childcare Facility that is partaking in the programme. Applications are usually accepted at the beginning of the school year; however some services may be able to accommodate you as a CCS parent outside of this time.

How do I know what childcare services are currently in the CCS programme?

A list of Community CCS services is available Community CCS List for Sligo

A list of CCS Plus services is available Private CCS List for Sligo

Support &Assistance

Support and guidance will be available to all services before, throughout and beyond the introduction of the new PIP system. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sligo County Childcare Committee. For further information from the Department of Children and Youth Affairs website click on this Link