The After-School Child Care Scheme (ASCC)

What is ASCC?

The purpose of the program is to support low in come and unemployed people to take up a job (including Job Plus); increase their days of employment; or take up a place on a Department of Social Protection (DSP) Employment Programme. The programme provides subsidized after-school childcare for certain DSP customers, who have children of primary school age.

In general, to qualify for support under the ASCC, a parent must



*CE is excluded from eligibility for ASCC as the CE Childcare (CEC) Programme provides subsidised childcare for all CE participants with children from 0 to 13 years of age.

How do I know what childcare services are currently in the ASCC programme?

Click here for the ASCC List for Sligo


Services may charge the parent additional fees, subject to a strict maximum.
The rates of state contribution for ASCC places is:

The maximum amounts that services may charge parents per week for ASCC places is:

Pro rata amounts are paid for places of less than 5 day’s duration.

How do I access a place?

CCCs allocate places on a first come-first served basis, up to a maximum number of places available. To apply for an ASCC place parents must submit the following:

  1. Letter of eligibility provided by the DSP. The letter must state all of the following:
    • Name of parent.
    • Start date of entitlement to childcare support.
    • Confirmation that the parent is eligible for the ASCC.
  2. Proof of their and child’s PPSN.
  3. ASCC Application/Declaration Form. ASCC Declaration Form


A full day rate of €105 per week is payable during school holidays (10 weeks in total). Parents can be charged a maximum of €15 per week.

For further information on the After-school Child care Scheme, Click on this  Link