Becoming a Childminder

Role of a childminder

A Childminder cares for a small group of children of mixed ages in a “home from home” setting. Children are welcomed as individuals, they are offered affection and respect and their developmental and recreational needs are met. Childminders offer a flexible service, tailored to each child, thereby helping parents and guardians to balance their work and family commitments. A Childminder negotiates and agrees her/his terms with parents.

(National Guidelines for Childminders 2008, 2)

Step 1

Look at your home environment and ask yourself the following questions;

Often a person decides to set up a Childminding Service without realizing the full impact on their home, their family and themselves. If, after considering the issues raised above, you still feel you are a suitable candidate to provide home based childcare you can act on step 2 or 3.

(Childminders Information Booklet 2008,5)

Step 2

Contact Sligo CCC support & development staff on 07191-48860 and they will discuss Childminding in more detail. They will send you the ‘Childminders Information booklet’ and the ‘National Guidelines for Childminders’.

If you have any further queries, please click on the following link Childminding FAQ